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The Seal & Trace brand is owned by Seal & Go B.V. Seal & Go is specialized in protecting baggage by applying a sealing or baggage wrapping. Baggage will be protected against theft, damage, bursting open, smuggling drugs and getting lost. Besides sealing and wrapping baggage, Seal & Go also offers Seal & Go branded travel safety and comfort products such as locks, baggage belts, backpack and child stroller covers, adapters and neck pillows.

Seal & Go is expert in the field of risks and fears involved with traveling by plane. Seal & Trace has been developed to help passengers safely getting in contact with whoever finds their baggage. We know that when comes to lost baggage, it all comes down on the honesty of the person who finds the baggage. If that person has good intentions, Seal & Trace will be the perfect solution.

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